Being the first e-Fulfilment Centre in the Digital Free Trade Zone (DFTZ), Pos Aviation is able to provide seamless service which accommodates ecommerce business needs. We can facilitate the ground handling, custom clearance, first mile and the last mile into Malaysia. Also with our partners we can also facilitate export into South East Asian countries and beyond.

We can also accommodate ecommerce businesses that would like to have a regional hub in our facility to serve South East Asia with shorter lead time. We are able to provide the ground handling, custom clearance, storage, picking, packing & fulfilment for Malaysia & South East Asia.

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Handover process

Break-bulk process

Sorting process

Break-bulk process

Cross Dock

We can consolidate orders from a single or multiple pickup points then ship it into or out of Malaysia. With the DFTZ e-Services platform, we can facilitate ecommerce orders in the most efficient manner.

Freight Forwarding Services

First Mile