Pos Aviation offers comprehensive Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering services through its subsidiary, Pos Aviation Engineering Services Sdn Bhd (PAESSB).

With the proven reputation as the obvious choice for quality Technical Handling, we provide a pool of Licensed Aircraft Engineers, Aircraft Technicians and Aircraft Mechanics as certified by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia and other National Aviation Authorities. Our operational concept is built on customer needs and requirements.

Special Motorized Equipment and Tooling

Designed for mobility, the equipment supports the safe and efficient handling of your aircraft which includes mobile lift platforms as high as 9 meters and high reach lift devices (27 meters)

Equipped with special test equipment and tooling, your aircraft can be quickly returned to service. The immediate assessment and evaluation of a defect on your aircraft will reduce the time lost in the delay recovery

  • Boroscope Kit with image captures capability
  • DMC Electronic Repair Kit
  • Pitot Static Test Set