KLAS Provides Ground Handling Services For the Heaviest Aircraft in the World (Antonov AN 225 MRIYA)

Not only lucky to welcome the arrival, KLAS is the official ground handler for the world’s largest aircraft, Antonov AN 225 Mriya. The Ukrainian-designed cargo plane touched down at KL International Airport (KLIA) at 8.30am from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad, India for refueling purpose on 14th May 2016.

KLAS is responsible in handling the stopover of the plane as KLIA was the last refueling stop after it stopped at Prague, Turkmenistan and Hyderabad after taking off from its “hometown” in Kiev. The aircraft is on its course to deliver generator weighing 130 tonnes for delivery to Perth, Australia.

Currently AN 225 is the world’s longest and heaviest plane measuring 84 meters long and 18 meters high, which is equivalent to a five-storey building, well-equipped with 32 tires and has a wingspan measuring 88 meters.

This historic event drew about 150 enthusiasts comprising the KLIA and other airlines staff to view the grandeur of the aircraft. Additionally, the crowd gathered at the side of the road started from 6.00 am to watch the touch down of AN 225 which is described as rare experience to witness the moment the plane hit the KLIA tarmac.

KLAS is proud to be the ground handler and thanks to the team that provided excellent services during the arrival and departure of Antonov AN 225 Mriya.